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FHRP,HSRP,VRRP localization?

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Level 2

for dual data center l2 network gateway  , we can use  FHRP localization for best traffic path,

for data center A we are running topology like  FW-web-FW-app-FW-db,  and data center B , we are runnng same topology,

and using l2 extent technology extent l2 at each layer across two data center.

if data center A web fail and app,db are ok and web service transfer to data center B, if we use hsrp localization , there is one problem

If client traffic hit data center B web server, and web server visit app layer in data center B, but app service is running on data center A, so traffic across l2 extent to data center A, but gate way of app server in data center A point to it's local gateway and local FW, because there is no record on data center A FW, so traffic is droped.

I think we can use static nat on FW and direct traffic back to same FW.

Is there any good method to resolve this problem.

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Level 2
Level 2

I draw a picture to discribe this problem