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HDMI port in Nexus 2000


All models of the nexus 2000 has HDMI port

Installation guide says it is for console connectivity. There was no special cable supplied with Nexus 2000.

anyone tried to use that port? I want to what type of cable connector to use to console in to the FEX. Anyone knows what type of cable to use??

I know FEX can be consoled in using attach fex 101 command on parent switch but then what is purpose of this HDMI port.

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Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It is not an HDMI port, though it kind of resembles one.  This port is utility port used by manfucaturing & TAC.  As the N2K is managed by the N5K which has your traditional console port, it's not necessary for console access direclty to the FEX.  It's stictly for diagnositcs.  These ports are standard on FEXs including the IO Modules within a UCS Chassis.

These cables are not supplied to customer or available for purchase.



Thank you Robert for your reply. In installation guide it is mentioned as

HDMI port.

I am just interested to see the how console prompt look like when N2K is powere

d up and without attached to parent switch.

Greetings everyone,

I have 2 of the 2k units but directly out of the box all ports are showing amber (admin down).  I can not get my 5k connected to the 2k units so what am I missing?  Out of the box are the 2k units suppose to have their port all admin down?


Which port are you connecting your N5K to? The host port or FEX FI interfaces? The host port is only for end point connection.



Just before you replied I said lets move this cable to another interface.  Popped it into the first one on the far right and link came up and started working.  Its sitting here discovering and downloading images from the 5k.

Thanks for the reply.

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