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Jim R

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if someone might be able to help,  I have an interesting setup which I am working with at the moment which consists of 4x Nexus 55xx switches running HSRP for around 4 VLAN's. 

What we are looking to do advertise routes from the Nexus 5548's to a SonicWall via OSPF.  Ultimately this is to to reduce the admin overhead of constantly adding static routes as this may be connected to a more complex upstream network where adding hundreds of static routes would be impractical.

However instead of distributing these routes via a traditional L3 routed link we have attached the SonicWall via a L2 link (In the form of a switch connected to both Nexus 5548's via a port channel) and are advertising the VLANs (Running HSRP) via OSPF. 

There are a number of technical and logistical reasons for this approach however I do have a couple of specific questions regarding this setup: 

1) HSRP adjacency using a L2 port channel connected to two Nexus 5548's.  Is this a valid (And safe?) configuration. I read that an adjacency like this over a vPC(or vPC+) link will not work due to the loop prevention technologies used by vPC.  Is this correct?

2) HSRP adjacency over FabricPath, Is this ok and is it supported?

3) Any other safe way of achieving the above requirement?

Apologies if the explanation regarding this configuration is not very clear.  I will amend as required and have posted up a very simple diagram to try and explain ...



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Yes you can do this, you have to use vpc peer-gateway on the n5k switches, here's a very good article:

hope it helps

Hi there,

I am aware of the peer gateway functionality but this does not fix my issue.  I have confirmed that OSPF adjacency is not supported in the way described above and have since changed the configuration.  Thanks for your reply.




The correct design is to setup a vpc peer link beetween two NX5K and you trunk all vlans used by HSRP for L3 gateway routing.


For adjency with SonicWall, You need to setup two point to point L3 link one from each NX5K to the sonicwall and left OSFP do the ECMP routing and distribution.



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