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Cisco Employee

Need some help configuring the Nexus 1000v on vsphere

Hi Folks,

   I am trying to create a virtual lab for dot1x and hence need to configure the N1k on the vsphere. I ve hit the following roadblocks and would be great if someone could help out.


Ive installed Nexus 5.2(1)SV3(3.15) on an ESXi 5.5(the only ISO i could get my hands on...6.5 complained about image profiles when installing the VIB)

1. Are VIBs common for all Nexus devices or are they tied to the Nexus? For example I have a VSM on another ESXi and i downloaded the VIBs from there and installed it on the current host and created a new VSM is this fine or should it be the same VSM. Since they are VIBs i would assume they are common for all.

2. I run 

~ # vem status


VEM modules are loaded


Switch Name      Num Ports   Used Ports  Configured Ports  MTU     Uplinks   

vSwitch0         1536        8           128               1500    vmnic0    

DVS Name         Num Ports   Used Ports  Configured Ports  MTU     Uplinks   

avinn-nexus      1024        14          1024              1500    vmnic1    


VEM Agent (vemdpa) is running


~ #

and I can see my VEM is installed 


I allocated a Distributed Port group for this with the following port profiles

port-profile type ethernet uplink

  switchport mode trunk

  no shutdown

  state enabled

  vmware port-group

port-profile type vethernet DOT1X_MAB

  switchport mode access

  switchport access vlan 100

  no shutdown

  state enabled

  vmware port-group


But on the VC i see the ports as admin blocked. 

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 6.13.09 PM.png

Since i have specified the VLAN and trunk on the port-profile i dont think there could be a Native vlan problem but on the Vsphere client i see VLAN access:1 which is wierd. 

I do show interface virtual and i see nothing on the Nexus

The uplinks on the Nexus VDS are up though

~ # vemcmd show port

  LTL   VSM Port  Admin Link  State    Cause  PC-LTL  SGID  ORG  svcpath  Type          Vem Port

   19     Eth1/2     UP   UP    F/B*       -       0          0        0                vmnic1

   20     Eth1/3     UP   UP    F/B*       -       0          0        0                vmnic2

   51              DOWN   UP    BLK      none      0          0        0                Nexus1000V-5.2.1.SV3.3.15.eth4

   52              DOWN   UP    BLK      none      0          0        0                Nexus1000V-5.2.1.SV3.3.15.eth3

Can someone help out here thanks .

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