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Networking to Cloud

Hey everyone,

Looking for some advice. I've been in networking/security for some time now and thought of the idea of getting in to a more cloud solutions architect role. It looks quite interesting, and I've researched and analyzed a lot of the job postings related to cloud engineers/architects, but most are geared towards devops developers and programmers. I'm more interested in the design and integration of it from a networking point of view, hybrid deployments between on prem and cloud, etc, as this would utilize my background a little more.

My conclusion at this point, is that it would be difficult to land something without some sort of programming background, which I have none of. Here's another thing, I absolutely hate programming more than anything on this earth, it's just not for me. Also, if I study cloud, it's almost impossible to study programming at the same time, while having a full time job already and a family.

Therefore, I'm just looking for some honest feedback and advice, and I'm curious to know if us network/security guys can get in to cloud roles without having that pre-requisite of a programming background. In addition, how do you like the work? Do you spend all day, every day in visio drawing diagrams, bc that also would be boring.

Thanks everyone!

VIP Guru

Modern network engineer or architect  - should have or understand of Programming will have some advantage, but not must.


Moving to Cloud, most of them Looking Automation here.. so any automation tools should help as next gen Network Engineer.


If you do not like to get in to Programming, still there is good scope for your architect  role in the world.


I personally Like to design and deploy and troubleshoot that where you get to intresting, rather just puting thoughts and some one deploy.



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