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Nexus ISSU upgrade


I'm getting ready to upgrade our 2 nexus 5010's which are running vpc to 2 HP C7000's which have flex 10's in them.  The flex 10's are dual homed to each nexus via a 10 gig link.  Now because the Flex 10's will only do fast lacp I cannot use the ISSU upgrade and must force the upgrade in disruptive mode.  I had an idea that I can just shutdown the port channel going to the C7000 that I'm upgrading on each switch as I upgrade them.  Do you think that would allow the me to do an inservice switch upgrade?  That is the only thing that is stopping me at this point.


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Interesting to know that the FLEX-10 only support fast LACP therefore preventing ISSU, thanks HP....(i don't think it is a coincidence)

Don't know if shutting down one link will help, the remaining link will still run LACP packets, during ISSU, the N7K will stop generating these LACP packets, therefore the HP enclosure might drop the LACP link (remove it from the bundle). Is this so bad ?

Anyway, if all is dual connected and you are running vPC, why doing ISSU ? You will survive a hard boot as all will swap to the second switch, no ? I try to sell ISSU also to my operational department, but they don't care. Everything is redundant, so just boot.


Hi Dave,

Have you successfully upgraded the NX-OS via ISSU?

I am having the exact same situation, so would like to seek for your advise, what is the method you upgrade the Nexus with minimum downtime?

Hope you can share with me. Thanks.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

yes ISSU is possible if that particular port is shut down. There could be a disruption/performance degradation as far as that particular host is concerned as one side is shut down, until the upgrade is done on that switch and we no shut the port.

- Vinayak.

Hi Guys,

I ended up doing a disruptive upgrade on the nexus switches which wasn't a big deal as all my devices are connected to both switches.  One side of each port channel went down and traffic simply used the other link.  The switch that was being upgraded was only unavailable while it was rebooting.  It wasn't all that disruptive.


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