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NLB on UCS with 1000V and IGMP Multicast

At the moment we are having an issue with NLB Multicast on a Windows 2008 R2 server in combination with a 1000V. We are trying to setup that the multicast mac address is dynamicly learned by the Nexus 7k Coreswitch so that a static arp entry is not needed. The configuration is as follows:

- 2 VM's with Windows 2008 R2

- Cluster with NLB and option IGMP Multicast enabled

- Nexus 1000V and IGMP snooping disabled

- Nexus 5k where the UCS bladecenter is connected.

- Nexus 7K core switch (5.2(7))

On the nexus 7K we configured a IGMP querier under the vlan where the VM's are located, we see this also back in the "show ip igmp snooping querier" command :

1# show ip igmp snooping explicit-tracking

Vlan  IP Address       Version   Expires     Port

32xx  10.122.xx.x      v3        00:00:03     Switch querier

The problem is that the 7K is not learning the NLB address dynamicly, I would expect that the querier will make sure that the mac address is learned on the VLAN. Does anyone have any experience with learning NLB mac addresses on a nexus 7K?

When configuring a static arp under the VLAN its working but then we have the issue that all the traffic is flooded over the segment, something that is not desirable.

Any help is appriciated.

Kind Regards,

George de Jong

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NLB on UCS with 1000V and IGMP Multicast

NLB in multicast mode is not supported on the nexus 1000v.

We support NLB in unicast mode but not multicast.

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