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VSM at Multiple Sites

Question on VSM at multiple sites.. We have a pair (active/passive) of VSMs at a regional data center to manage the 1000v in our cluster at that site. If we wanted to deploy a 1000v on a cluster at another physical site would we use the same VSM or would we need a new one? Assume both clusters are managed by the same vCenter.

If a single pair of VSMs can be used between the two sites; would one VSM be physically located at each site ( I would assume so)? What is the impact of a WAN failure? Are there limitation on the distances between the DCs?

Thanks for your responses.


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VSM at Multiple Sites


There is no distance limitation only latency. Assuming your latency between the datacenters is less than 10ms yes you can have the VSMs in one DC manage VEMs in another DC. I would highly recommend using L3 control mode and please read the release notes for your version as the number of supported VEMs is lower when you have a stretched cluster.

Currently we only support the VSMs to be in the same physical DC. Don't split them between the sites. Our next version of code will have some improved HA functionality that will allow you to put one VSM in each DC.

With our current code if you have a WAN failure the VEMs at the remote site will continue to forward traffic with their last programing. At the remote site you won't be able to add VMs to the network or vmotion any VMs until the WAN link is back up. 

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