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VSM - VEM Connection Problems and Failure to remove VEM or readd to ESXi

Sami AlSawaftah


I have many questions to help with

as I have Nexus 1000V on an ESXi2 and was trying to add ESXi1 to

all ports were showing down

so after checking configuration on ESXi's , they both show the old ip of Nexus while i set a new ip in different range but with no luck , unable to make Connection operational and ports of ESXi1 when trying to add showing as administrativly blocked even they are not blocked from physical side

1) Is there a way to change that IP manually on ESXi itself ? what about the Gateway ?

2) I was trying to check removinf VEM and reinstalling the vib file but settings are back even after running swap scipt ! I dont know why !! I install successfully but fail to add and migrate ports because old configuration is still showing

what is the correct way to totally remove the vem and its related configuration ? ( please include a detailed procedure )

3)Can I have 2 IPs for management in same range ( one on Standard Switch and Second on the Nexus ) and communicate with other Standard Switch for other ESXi with same range ( and VLAN ) ?

4) how to use VUM to sync configuration or deployment of VEM ?

5) Wht does it mean if on Graphical you see wrong version for VSM ? what is that related to ? plugin ? how to repair that ?

appreciate your help in advance


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Sami,

To start with, we need to understand your setup.

Please provide output of following commands from

ESXi host

vmware -v

esxcfg-nics -l

esxcfg-vswitch -l

vem status -v


show version

show svs domain

show svs nei

show svs connection


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