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Cisco Quick VPN Connects but cannot access remote Network Devices

Having issues with Quick VPN Client.


The client connects to the remote Router (Cisco RV042) and displays the connection successful screen.


I can ping/access the remote router but can not ping any other resources via the VPN Connection...

My Local Router is an Cisco RV802 (Running V4.2.3.03 firmware)

Local OS is Win 7 Local network is 10.0.7.X


Remote Router is a Cisco RV042 (running same firmware)

Remote network is 192.168.1.x


VPN Client version is


Firewall rules correctly set on both ends.


Thanks in advance for assistance.


Charlie J



I can think of a few reasons why the connection is up but you are not able to ping. I will list them here and hopefully one of them will be correct.

1- When creating the tunnel, make sure that you are using SUBNET for both the local and remote end points on both ends. 

2- Whatever device you are trying to reach on the remote network needs to be on the same subnet as the RV042 and also needs to be using the IP address of the RV042 as the default gateway.

3- Try to check no only with Ping but also with remote desktop or accessing the files from the remote location.

4- For testing purposes only, make sure to disable the firewall on both ends and see if you can pass any traffic (Ping, Remode Desktop, transfer files, etc), then you will know that you will need to do changes on the firewall.

Please check these suggestions and let us know if you find the problem.


Thank you for the quick reply but..


1.Subnet is same at both ends

2. Subnet is fine (all devices on same at either end) and remote device(s) using RV042 as default gateway

3.No difference

4. Disabled both firewalls and no change..





Thank you for the reply.

I'm sorry but with your particular situation and the answer to my questions, I am out of ideas, it should be working just fine.

The only thing left I can suggest is to create a case with the Small Business Support Center if you are still under support and we will be happy to help you finding out what the issue is.



Will do.



What is the fastest way to open a case ?



Contact the Small Business Support Center at 866-606-1866, they will create a case and transfer you immediately to an engineer.

Thank you





Called the number, as suggested and was told since it is more than one year since purchase, I would have to either buy a service contract, or pay $75 for a single use support case....Needless to say quite angry and disappointed...

This unit (RV042 v3 was shipped to the distributor late November 2013, and since I  purchased in early 2014, it seems very unreasonable a case can not be opened..

Further this issue seems to be related to the latest firmware release, V

Lastly the problem is the RV042/RV082 as when I bypass it on the end of the connection using the VPN, I am able to ping the remote devices through the VPN.

I will spare the vitriol, but it does call into question my commitment to Cisco and future purchases.....






Hello CJ, 

I'm sorry I didn't see this post before and that you had issues creating the case.

When you purchase a Cisco Small Business router, you will get 1 year free phone support for configuration questions, this year will start running on the date of purchase and no the time it was sold to the distributor.

If you have a proof of purchase from a valid re-seller and it shows you bought it less than 1 year from today we can definitely create a case for you.

Also, as part of the default warranty, most Small business units will come with Limited Life Time Warranty on the device for hardware issues.

In comparison, if you buy Enterprise level devices which are more expensive, you won't get support without a contract.

In any case, Cisco is committed to help but we do have rules that we need follow. With that in mind, I want to continue troubleshooting this as much as possible as I'm very positive the issue is not on the device; Once the VPN is established and you can get to the web interface of the router using the private IP address then everything should work as expected and I'm very positive the router won't stop any VPN traffic.

Here is what I would like for you to do:

1- Check your receipt, if you bought it less than year ago, go ahead and give us a call back and mention that you have the proof of purchase. This way we can use all of our resources to other fix the issue on the router or point you to the device that is having the problem.

2- If that is not an option, reply to this post and let me know if you are still willing to work on this issue, if that is the case then I will send you a private email to collect more information so that we can proceed.

Please let us know what you decide.

thank you for the reponse


I will be traveling through the weekend and will dig up the details you requested early next week


Thanks again



Not a problem, thank you for the reply.

Finally have returned and found the receipt..

Purchase was 13-Jan-14

Just sent off to Small Biz Support.


We shall see...


Thanks again for you help

Just wondering, how did this go? im having the same issue. I can reach the router on the other end, but thats it.




V K Moorthy


Kindly check the gateway for Remote PC .You need to specify the gateway as LAN IP address of Remote router.