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Debug and syslog Messages from the SPA3xx, SPA5xxG, SPA9xx, & WIP310 IP Phones


In order to capture debug and syslog messages from your SPA3xx, SPA5xxG, SPA9xx, and WIP310 IP phones you need to enable debug and or syslog and either have a syslog server on your network or Wireshark running. [Wireshark will display debug/syslog messages with the "syslog" output filter].


Turn on debugging and or syslog messaging on your phone as follows

[You don't need both debug and syslog, debug is sufficient if you are capturing data for support]:

  1. Determine the IP address of your syslog server
    c:\ ipconfig /all  [Windows]
    $ ifconfig -a  [UNIX]
    For this example, assume a syslog server IP address of
  2. Configure your phone by directing  your browser to:
    http://<IP_address_of_Phone>/admin/advanced    [WIP310: http://<IP_address_of_WIP310>/admin/ ]
    Example: if the phone's IP address is
  3. Enable Debug Messages by editing the following fields:
    i. Phone's web-ui > System tab > Optional Network Configuration > Debug Server: <IP address of syslog server> Example:
    [if you are capturing with Wireshark, you do not need to use a valid syslog server's IP address, any "fake" address can be used, example]
    ii. Phone's web-ui > System tab > Optional Network Configuration > Debug Level: 3
    iii. Phone's web-ui > Ext N > SIP Settings > SIP Debug Option: full
  4. Enable Syslog Messages by editing the following: [step 3b is not needed if you have enabled Debug]
    Phone's web-ui > System tab > Optional Network Configuration > Syslog Server: <IP address of syslog server> Example:
  5. Scroll down and click Submit All Changes


The Phone will reboot and send all debug / syslog messages to the specified IP address of the syslog server.

[Don't forget to make sure that your syslog server is running and that its IP address is what you configured on the phone.]


Wim Guijt

Hier mijn log file:

syslog server(port:514) started on Mon Mar 12 23:19:35 2012
====>create app redial @2cd964
====>try to insert app redial @2cd964
====>add app redial @2cd964 to list
++++ retry query scaps
++++ retry query scaps
+++ need tftp addr..
+++ need tftp addr..
+++ send scaps discovery query
+++ send scaps discovery query

[0:0]AUD ALLOC CALL (port=16474)
[0:0]RTP Rx Up

[0:0]RTP Rx Dn
AUD:Play Tone 8
SDP RTPMAP 101 --> 136
[0:0]RTP Tx Dn
[0:0]ENC INIT 0
[0:0]RTP Tx Up (pt=0->538fbca5:36734)
[0:0]RTCP Tx Up
CC:Remote Resume
[0:0]RTCP Tx Up

En hier druk ik dan op de sterretje toets!

AUD:Stop Tone
[0:0]RTP Rx Up
[0:0]RTP Rx 1st PKT @16474(2)
[0:0]DEC INIT 0
AVT Tx start 10
AVT Tx end

[0:0]AUD Rel Call
AUD:Play Tone 7
AUD:Stop Tone

Hopelijk kan je me hier verder mee helpen, bij deze alvast bedankt.

Dan Miley


How does this work on the spa122/and other ATAs?

I seem to get log messages from the system, but no sip messages.

same config as your post,

syslog/debug/debug level 3

linex / sip parms / sip debug = full



Dan Lukes

For ATA see Debug and syslog Messages from SPA1x2 and SPA232D ATA


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I followed your instruction we have SPA502,514G in my company but the phone is not sending logs to my syslog server (CentOS 7 port UDP/TCP 514 already open).



Dan Lukes

Port numbers are not allowed as far as I know.