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QVPN Alternate for Macs.docx


How to connect Mac clients via IPSec VPN to WRVS4400N, RVS4000, RV Series routers. This is an alternative to Quick VPN for the Mac computers. (Revised)

Cisco Employee

IPsecuritas also works with the new Cisco Small Business Pro SA500.

The difference between QuickVPN and generic IPSEC tunnels:

The QuickVPN client on Windows identifies with userid and password, which can be managed on the VPN concentrator site (i.e. WRVS4400).It also uses the default WINdows IPSEC settings.

IPsecuritas identifies with IP address or FQDN. IPSEc settings need to match the WRVS4400.


Question on this:

In the Connections window when configuring the client, I am using a dydns entry instead of ip.  From my log, it appears as if it is translating it correctly.  In Step 8 - Connectiosn window, I assume I eneter the dydns name in Remote IPSec device.  What is to be entered in the Endpoint Host field?  And what is to be entered in the Remote Side (Network) section?  I think here is my problem.  Do i enter the internal IP address of the router?  In my case

In Step 13 - preshared key -- I used connectmac (as configured on the router) with no spaces ... is this correct?

Do I need to configure the client with the address of my internal network (

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


The document was great ,it worked perfectly

Thank you so much

Community Member

Excellent post!  The document was just what I needed to establish a VPN connection between a OSX client and the RVS4000.  Thank you very much!

Community Member

I have an RV-120W. This document did not work for me. However, I just thought I'd point out for posterity that this other document did, even though it's written for a Cisco SA 500:

The configuration is virtually identical. This may also be of use for people with other cisco small business routers.


Great guide - saved me from having to return a WRVS4400N through lack of a Mac release of QuickVPN.

Worked fine on a WRVS4400N running firmware version:V2.0.1.3-ETSI, Mac OS Snow Leopard.

Community Member

I couldn't get this to work with an RVS4000 until I made some changes  to the Phase 2 settings in IPSecuritas. By default, multiple encryption  and authentication settings were checked and it wasn't unitl I  unchecked everything except for 3DES in encryption and HMAC SHA-1 in  authentication that I was able to connect.




Many thanks for posting this guide. Will this method work for multiple concurrent connections?