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Using the slogsrv.exe Utility


Ever wish you had a syslog server available so you could capture syslog messages from your network devices for analysis when troubleshooting?

The slogsrv.exe is what you need. The slogsrv.exe syslog server file is attached as


1. Determine the IP address of your computer from a command prompt:

c:\ ipconfig /all

Take note of the computer's IP address, you will use this address shortly.

2. Run the slogsrv.exe syslog server by either double-clicking on it or running it directly from the Command Prompt.

Do not close the window that the syslog server is running in, else you will terminate the syslog server and will not log syslog messages.

Your server is now ready to receive syslog messages from network devices and will log the messages in the syslog.514.log file in the same directory that the slogsrv.exe file is located.

3. Configure your devices to send syslog messages to the IP address from #1.

4. You can view the syslog.514.log file with any text editor or send the file to your support expert for analysis.

Details about the slogsrv.exe server:

Usage: slogsrv [-p port] [-o filename] [-t] [-h]


-p port          specify the listening port, default "514"
-o filename    specify the output file name, default syslog.port.log
-t                  turn the local timestamp and parse the syslog header
-h                this help

Other documents of interest:

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2. Configuring syslog and debug on the SPA9xx, SPA525G, & WIP310 IP phones

3. Configuring syslog and debug on the SPA400

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5. Configuring syslog and debug on SPA1xx ATAs



Patrick, is there a reason to use this utility versus the Kiwi Syslog Daemon?

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

No, you can use any syslog utility that you're comfortable with.

Nice to have include date/time stamping, but most utilities do that anyway.






anyone know how to setup syslog server IP in linksys WRP400 config?


cindy toy
Rising star

Hi Luca,

This is not the area to ask a question. I suggest you post the same question in the ATA, Gateways, and Accessories area:

Best regards,

Cindy Toy

Cisco Small Business

Community Manager