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What factors affect bandwidth and video resolution when using Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence?


The actual bandwidth and video resolution available to you at any given time when using Jabber Video depend on the following factors. Note that decreased bandwidth can result in a corresponding decrease in video resolution.

Factors affecting bandwidth

  • Internet bandwidth. Jabber Video makes use of the actual bandwidth available over your Internet connection.
  • Network connection problems. Any network connection problems can decrease the bandwidth available when using Jabber Video.

Factors affecting video resolution

  • Computer hardware constraints. Jabber Video adjusts video resolution down during periods of high system resource use. Also, to experience HD-quality video, you must have an HD camera connected to your computer.
  • Video resolution set on devices. The resolution of a particular call depends both on the resolution set by your Jabber Video service and by the resolution set by the other device participating in the call.