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Hardware - SPA50X IP Phone

Firmware -

There have often been issues were users install a SPA50x out of the box and open the WEB/GUI of the phone to provision the phone to be used with SIP Server/Proxy. The challange being that the configuration for the phone cannot be modified through the WEB/GUI and users are unable to enter profile rules for phone provisioning.

This docuements walks you through a few easy steps on how to solve this problem:

SPA50X Phones work on 2 protocols -

  • Smart Phone Control Protocol (SPCP)
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

When the phone is fresh out of the box there is a good chance that the phone will have SPCP pre-selected on it. Once you plug the phone into your network and provide it with an IP from the DHCP you will notice that you cannot modify/change configuration for the phone using the WEB/GUI.

This is because the SPCP protocol requires a call agent such as UC500 to register to and all the modifciations/changes to the configuration can be made only through the UC500 (CCA / CLI).

However, for the phone to work with a SIP Server/Proxy you would need the phone to operate on the SIP protocol so that you can modify/change phone configuration from the WEB/GUI.

The firmware "" contains both SPCP and SIP protocols in it. There are not sperate firmware files available for SPCP or SIP. Instead, on the phone you have an option to toggle between the two protocols making it easy and less time consuming to convert the phone into using either of the protocols.

Toggling between SPCP and SIP:

  • Press the settings button on the phone
  • Navigate to Call Control Settings

          (On Main Menu for some models eg.- SPA502G / Navigate to Settings -> Call Control Settings for some models eg.- SPA508G)

  • The protocol should show SPCP.
  • SPCP auto-detection will be set to YES.
  • Press the sequence **# which should unlock and bring the edit buttons on the screen
  • Navigate to the SPCP auto-detection option and you should be able to see options Y/N
  • Select the softkey to change from option Yes to No and save.
  • Similarly, navigate to the Signalling Protocols and press the Edit softkey
  • After pressing the option softkey, you should be able to change the protocol to SIP and save the configuration

  • Once the phone has rebooted and come back up, navigate back to call control settings and make sure that the protocol has changed to SIP.

  • Open the web page for the phone and you should be able to access the provisioning and other information that was not available earlier.

You can use the above steps to change the operating protocol from SIP to SPCP when required.

More information on SPCP -

SMB Phones Administration Guide -

Level 1
Level 1

I purchased some used SPA50X off of eBay and am unable to get them out of SPCP mode.

Upon bootup they display Downloading and change between the following files


I have setup a TFTP server and the phone is connecting to it (I can confirm it is asking for those three files)

Despite other information indicating that it will fall back to SIP mode if it cannot find those files. The phones I purchased do not.

I have updated them to the latest firmware and would like to know how to get them out of this mode.

Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Protocol auto-detection must not be disabled (it's enabled by default, but may be disabled in current configuration). Reset phone to factory default and try again. Please start new discussion thread if you will face further issue with it.

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