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Configure Delivery Rules on OnPlus100


When you want to send notifications to the destination after configuration of any new monitor event, you need to configure delivery rules to deliver the notification. Delivery rules represent the pattern to deliver the notification of the event to the destination. Whenever you register through the Cisco OnPlus Portal and create a new account, a default delivery rule for the created account is auto generated with the help of the name and the work email address. You can delete or edit the default delivery rule or you can create a new delivery rule.

This article explains how to configure delivery rules for the OnPlus 100 device.

Note: Before the configuration of delivery rules you need to configure delivery contacts and also need to make sure that you have valid SMS and email addresses for the contacts to deliver text messages to notify them about the delivery rules. To know more on how to create the delivery contacts refer to Add and Manage Delivery Contacts on OnPlus Portal.

Applicable Devices

• OnPlus 100

Software Version


Configure Delivery Rules

Create New Delivery Rule

Step 1. Log in to the Cisco Onplus Portal and choose Notifications > Delivery Rules. The Delivery Rules page opens:

Step 2. Click +Add Delivery Rule to add a new delivery rule. The Add Delivery Rule window opens:

Step 3. Choose the appropriate customer from the Customer drop-down list for whom you want to create the delivery rule.

Step 4. Choose the lowest severity for which you want to deliver notifications from the Severity drop-down list.

Note: The severity level is a cumulative level which adds each of the events above the chosen level and also its own. For example, if you choose Notice as your severity level, all the events with a severity level of Notice along with the events with a level above Notice (Emergency, Alert, Critical, Error, and Warning) will be added.

Step 5. (Optional) Check Specify Event if you want to deliver only those notifications of the severity you choose and not those with a higher severity.

Step 6. Choose the appropriate contact from the Contact drop-down list. This contact should be valid and not black listed. If you choose All in the Customer drop-down list, you can see global contacts.

Step 7. Choose the appropriate method of delivery from the Delivery Method drop-down list. These values are the email or SMS addresses of the contact chosen.

Note: Event History represents the date, event type, and event message for all the previous events for last two weeks. Event history will be updated for each customer you choose or if you change the severity level or the event type. It is used to calculate the frequency of the delivery rule to trigger a notification. If a large number of notifications are triggered in a short time you need to adjust your selection criteria. It is important to see the event history based on event type or severity level to understand the event system and also to detect which event monitor is the most useful for you.

Step 8. Click Save to save the new delivery rules.

Edit the Delivery Rule

Step 1. Log in to the Cisco Onplus Portal and choose Notifications > Delivery Rules. The Delivery Rules page opens:

Step 2. Click the specific delivery rule which you want to edit.

Step 3. (Optional) Click Details if you want to see the information about the delivery rule.

Step 4. (Optional) Click Delete if you want to delete the respective delivery rules.

Step 5. Click Edit.


Step 6. Change the appropriate field.

Step 7. Click Save to save the settings.

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