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Enable or Disable Device Monitors on OnPlus 100


Device Monitors are mainly used to monitor the device in a timely manner so that you can create events if there are any problems with the device performance. This is useful as it can be used to notify technicians of problems as they exist before more serious problems occur.

This article explains how to enable or disable monitors on a device, but retain the device monitor configuration settings. This configuration is applicable for all devices connected to an OnPlus 100.

Applicable Devices

• ON100

Software Version

• v7.6.2.038

Enable or Disable a Device Monitor or All Monitors

Step 1. Log in to the Cisco OnPlus Portal, click the desired customer, and choose Dashboard.

Step 2. Move the mouse over the desired device from the Network Topology view and click the Device Information icon.

Step 3. Click the Monitors tab.

Step 4. Click a monitor to select it and display the current settings.

Step 5. To enable or temporarily disable a monitor, click the Enabled/Disabled control which corresponds to the monitor.

Step 6. Repeat Steps 3,4, and 5 for each monitor on the device you wish to enable or disable.

Step 7. (Optional) Click Disable All to disable all of the monitors.

Step 8. (Optional) Click Enable All to enable all of the monitors.

Step 9. Click OK. The settings are saved.

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