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Hosting an Instant WebEx Meeting Using the WebEx One-Click Utility


Cisco WebEx Meetings can help you achieve better business results through more productive, engaging Web meetings. With this people-centric platform, teams can collaborate anytime, anywhere, even over mobile devices. Streamline the meeting process with a centralized online space for sharing meeting-related information. Easily organize, prepare, and follow-up for every meeting.

The objective of this document is to show you how to host and attend Cisco WebEx Meetings using the WebEx One-Click Utility.

System Requirements

Software Version

WebEx 29.6 or Newer Versions

Configuring WebEx Settings

Meeting Information

Step 1. Locate and open the Cisco WebEx One-Click utility on your computer.

Step 2. Click Edit WebEx Settings to bring up a page of configuration options.

The WebEx Settings page opens:

Step 3. Navigate to the Instant Meetings tab. In the Meeting Information area, choose the desired template from the Meeting Template drop-down list. This option lists only the session types available for your site and user account. If you choose SC: Support Session Default, skip to Step 8.

Note: To find out more information regarding specific parameters of each template, click the blue information icon.  Custom created WebEx templates will also appear in the drop-down list.

Step 4. Select a service type from the Service type drop-down menu, defined by the meeting template you chose in Step 3. This option only lists service types that are available for your site and user account.

Step 5. In the Meeting topic field, enter a topic name for your meeting.

Step 6. In the Meeting Password field, enter a password that other meeting attendees will use to join your meeting. Your company may require that all passwords comply with security criteria, including minimum length, number of letters, and special characters.

Step 7. (Optional) If you would like to list this meeting on the WebEx site, check the List this meeting on the WebEx site check box.

Step 8. (Optional) If you chose Support Session in step 3, and you setup a Personal Meeting room, check the List Support Session on Personal Meeting Room check box to specify that the support session will appear on your Personal Meeting Room page. Users can join the meeting from this webpage.

Step 9. (Optional) If you would like the Request to Join prompt to appear on your screen when a user tries to join your WebEx meeting, check the Ask for my approval when someone joins check box. This option enables you to allow or deny access to anyone attempting to join your meeting, and is available for support sessions only.

Audio Conference Settings

Step 1. Under the Audio & Tracking tab, select the teleconference type you would like to use from the Conference Type drop-down list in the Audio Conference area.

The available options are defined as follows:

• WebEx Audio — Specifies that the meeting includes a teleconference provided by the integrated WebEx service. This allows users to choose to join the audio portion of the meeting through a telephone or VoIP.

• Other teleconference service — Specifies that the meeting includes a teleconference provided by another service. When this is selected, a field appears where you may include a phone number and instructions for meeting attendees to use once they join the meeting.

• Use VoIP only — Specifies that meeting participants will communicate with VoIP only. Users with a sound card, microphone, and speakers connected to their computer can communicate without a telephone.

• None — Specifies that the meeting does not include a teleconference or that the included teleconference will have its participant information entered using a method other than your meeting service.

Step 2. (Optional) If you chose WebEx Audio as the Conference Type in Step 10, check the Display global call-in numbers to attendees check box to provide a list of local and toll-free numbers so that foreign meeting attendees can call to join the audio conference.

Step 3. (Optional) If you chose WebEx Audio as the conference type in Step 10, check the Display toll-free number check box to provide users with a toll-free call-in number for audio conferencing.

Step 4. (Optional) If you chose WebEx Audio as the conference type in Step 10, select a sound alert or announcement from the Entry & exit tone drop-down list that you would like participants to hear when an attendee joins or leaves the session.

The available options are defined as follows:

• Beep — Beeping noise will sound when the participant enters or leaves the meeting.

• Announce Name — Name of the participant entering or leaving the meeting is announced.

• No Tone — No sound will play as a participant enters or leaves the meeting. This is the default value.

Note: There may be more or less possible options for the WebEx Audio Conference type available for your specific company.


Step 1. Under the Registration tab, check the Require attendee registration check box if you would like to require attendees to register for the meeting. Each potential attendee must complete the registration form; providing you with their name, email address, company and other relevant information.

Note: Only those registrations that you accept will be allowed to access the meeting via a meeting invitation.

Step 2. If you would like to automatically accept all users that register for the meeting, check the Automatically accept all registrations check box.

Step 3. Click Apply to save the settings.

Note: A dialog box may appear, prompting you to enter your company username and password.

Start an Instant WebEx Meeting

Step 1. Locate and open the Cisco WebEx One-Click utility on your computer.

Step 2. Enter the email address or meeting number in the field provided and click the Start Meeting button to start an Instant WebEx meeting.

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