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In most ways, Cisco Jabber for iPad works the same as the Cisco Jabber Video application for Windows and Mac computers. This article describes features unique to Jabber for iPad.

Overview of feature differences

The primary differences between Jabber for iPad and Jabber Video include the following:

  • If your Jabber Video subscription includes the optional VoIP out feature, you can use Jabber for iPad to make audio calls to landline or mobile (PSTN) phones. However, if you want to make an audio call to a phone number, you must first save the number as a contact. 
    As with Jabber Video, you can receive incoming audio calls from landline and mobile phones in Jabber for iPad by default.

  • You can view a shared presentation in Jabber for iPad, but you cannot share a presentation.
  • Any contacts or favorites you create in Jabber for iPad are not synchronized to appear in Jabber Video on a Mac or Windows computer.

The sign-in process

The information you enter when you sign in to Jabber for iPad depends on whether your Jabber Video account includes a video address and activation code, or includes a username and password.

  1. On the Enter your email address screen, do one of the following:


    • If your Jabber Video account includes a video address: Enter the assigned video address as the email address in the format [10-digit video number]
    • If your Jabber Video account includes a username: Enter the username as the email address in the format [username] or [username]
  2. Click Continue.
  3. To enter your password, do one of the following:
    • If your Jabber Video account includes an activation code: Enter the activation code as your password.
    • If your Jabber Video account includes a password: Enter the password.

Access your company directory

To access your company directory, click + to the right of Contacts on the Jabber for iPad Contacts screen.


Enter a search term to search for a company directory entry. You can save any entry as a contact or a favorite.


Make a video call

  • To call a contact, select the contact and click Call.
  • To dial a video number or video address, click jabber_video_plus_jabber_for_ipad_keypad_icon.png to open the keypad, type the entry, and click Call.
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