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Q. How do I download the Cisco Jabber Video application?

A. After your Cisco WebEx Telepresence administrator sets up your Jabber Video subscription, you will receive a welcome email that contains a link to the website where you can download the Macintosh or Windows version of Jabber Video.

Q. How can I test my computer to make sure that it meets the minimum requirements for Jabber Video?

A. During the installation process, the Jabber Video installation wizard verifies your hardware and software components and displays a warning if they are not met.  For details about minimum supported hardware and software, refer to the Cisco Jabber Video: Hardware and Software Requirements FAQ.

Q. Can I use my Jabber Video account on any computer?

A. You can sign in to your Jabber Video account on any computer that has the Jabber Video Plus application installed. You can be signed in on only one computer at a time. If you are already signed in on one computer and sign in on a second computer, you are automatically signed out on the first computer. You cannot sign in to your Jabber Video Plus account on a computer that has the Jabber Video Basic application installed.

Q. How can I find users in my company directory?
A. Open the Jabber Video application window and start typing the name of the user in the search bar.  The search results display matches on the name or a sequence of letters from the company directory, as defined in your WebEx Telepresence account setup.

Q. Can I host a multiparty video call on Jabber Video?
A. Yes. Each Jabber Video subscription includes the personal bridge feature, which enables you to set up a bridge that other WebEx Telepresence and Jabber Video users can join for a conference call. For Jabber Video subscriptions, a personal bridge conference can include up to 6 participants, including the host.

Q. Can I share applications and my desktop when using Jabber Video?

A. Yes, Jabber Video supports data sharing of individual application windows or the entire screen.

Q. What is the supported call rate on Jabber Video subscriptions? 
A. The default and maximum up and downstream call rates are set at 1.28 Mbps for Jabber Video subscriptions.

Q. Can I have both Jabber Video Basic and Jabber Video Plus installed on the same computer?

A. You can have only one version of Jabber Video installed on a computer. If you have Jabber Video Basic installed and want to upgrade to Jabber Video Plus, you must first uninstall Jabber Video Basic.

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