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This feature enables Cisco Unity Express (CUE) subscribers to record live conversations and store the recording as a message in their mailbox. They can then play it or forward it to another subscriber or group of subscribers. This feature can also be used between Cisco Unity Express subscribers and nonsubscribers. Do this by conferencing the nonsubscriber's call leg into a Cisco Unity Express recording session and then recording the conversation to the appropriate mailbox. To alert participants that the call is being recorded, Cisco Unity Express periodically beeps.

For further details on this feature, please refer to the Cisco Unity Express 3.0 Voice-Mail and Auto-Attendant CLI Administrator Guide


  1. Maximum recording time is limited to available space on the mailbox of the user invoking the recording. By default, the maximum storage size of an empty CUE mailbox is 775 seconds (12.916 min)
  2. Only available to users with mailboxes on the CUE. External callers cannot use this feature because it uses the extension number assigned to the caller
  3. Message notification with Live Record is currently not supported


To configure Live Record, open CCA 2.0 or later and connect to your UC500.

Go to Applications and open Smart Applications Manager.  To enable live record, click on the Live Record Application then check the box for Enable.

A Setup Options window should appear.  It should ask for the Pilot Number for Live Record.  297 is used in this example.


Press the Apply button.  The red stop sign icon will be a green check box now.  Press OK on the Smart Applications Manager window.  Live Record is now configured.

Using Live Record

  1. While you are on a call, press more followed by LiveRcd softkey - the connected party will be put on hold very briefly will the Live Record conference is setup.
  2. Call Recording will start after you hear the first beep.
  3. To alert participants that the call is being recorded, a beep is periodically generated. This beep will not be recorded. The beep interval can be configured for 1-30 seconds (Default is 15 seconds.)
  4. The recording stops automatically when the call is disconnected or the subscriber's voice mailbox is full, whichever occurs first.
  5. When the live-record session is stopped, the recording is saved as a new voice message and the MWI on the IP phone that started the recording will turn on.
  6. Recordings can be accessed by dialing into voicemail, by accessing from IMAP email client such as MS Outlook, or through Voice View Express (VVE) on supported IP phones.
Eivind Jonassen
Level 4
Level 4

Great guide, got things working straight away. Good job



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