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Monitor Duplicate IP on OnPlus100


The Duplicate IP monitor is one of the event monitors on the OnPlus100 device to check the network performance. Duplicate IP monitor checks whether more than one device in the network uses the same IP address or not. When a same IP address is used for more than one device in the network, a duplicate IP address event is generated. You have to check for any duplication of IP addresses in the network to ensure proper network performance.

This article explains how to monitor duplicate IP address on OnPlus100.

Note: You cannot delete default monitors on the OnPlus Network Agent, but you can disable them if you want.

Applicable Devices

• OnPlus 100

Software Version

• v7.6.2.036

Monitor Duplicate IP

Step 1. Log in to the Cisco OnPlus Portal, click the desired user, and choose Dashboard.

Step 2. Move the mouse over the ON100 device and click Device Information. A window appears:

Step 3. Click the Monitors tab. The Monitor page opens:

Note: You will see three icons for each monitor event. The first icon provides you the information about the specific monitor, the second icon allows you to test the specific monitor, and the third icon is used to check whether the monitor is enabled or not.

Step 4. Click Duplicate IP to check duplication of IP address.

Step 5. Click Test Monitor to test whether any duplication of IP addresses is used or not. A new page opens:

Step 6. (Optional) Check Generate an event if you want to generate any real event which reflects the result of the test. If a delivery rule is already associated with the generated event then the event will be generated and delivered to the user with the rule.

Step 7. Click Run to check for duplicate IP addresses. You can see the results of the test run in the Test Output field.

Step 8. (Optional) Click the Back icon if you want to go back to the Monitor page.

Step 9. Click OK to close the window.

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