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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Posted below is a Smart CallConnector Operator Overview & Tutorial which can be used by users to learn how to use the Operator Console to process calls or by partners to demonstrate the features of the Operator Console.

The Smart CallConnector Operator Overview is about 5 mins long and includes slides on what the Operator console does, customizing the interface and handling one call. An audio voice over of the features is included.

To view, download the Windows exe version here, or the zip file for HTML version for use on a Mac.

The Operator Tutorial shows a majority of the featues without Audio using CallOuts on the screen.

To view, download the CallConnector Operator Tutorial EXE file if using Windows or the zip file for HTML/SWF  version for viewing in a browser on a Mac or other OS.
Double click the EXE or HTM to start the application, it will  begin to play automatically. 

The tutorial runs for about 12 mins if you watch from start to finish.
Use the Table Of Contents (TOC) button on bottom right to choose different sections to go to. 
Screen callouts are used during the presentation along with mouse clicks, no audio track in this version. 

The Configure SCC Operator Standalone Tutorial shows how to setup the SCC Operator for one operator on PC install.

Let us know if this sort of tutorial application is useful.
Adobe Captivate was used to create these direct from the application itself.


Information about the Smart CallConnector applications for partners is in the Partner area; partner level login required.

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