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Cisco RV340 Series Security License LS-RV34X-SEC-1YR=


Cisco RV340 Series Secure Router

Security License Features and Performance

May 2019

Today, secure networking is imperative for every business, even the smallest one. The RV340 series security routers provides business users with advanced connectivity and secure high-speed access for the growing demand and usage of digital services. The Cisco RV340 Series routers connect small businesses securely to the Internet. The routers protect employees from threats like viruses, network attacks, unwanted content and malicious websites. All that without compromising the online experience. The series consists of 4 models: RV340, RV345, RV345P, and RV340W. The models differ in number of featured switch ports, PoE and WiFi support. More info at


The optional security license described here enables enhanced UTM security features. The router is fully functional without installing a license and will work with full performance and all NAT, Firewall, VPN features are turned on.

Installing the security license enables UTM security features including: Intrusion Prevention, Gateway Anti-virus, Application Identification, Client Identification and Statistics, on-board dynamic Web Security. These features protect your network from attacks from the Internet and at the same allow for setting policies for corporate usage of the Internet by limiting Internet surfing to appropriate site categories and eliminating unwanted network traffic and hence boost employee productivity and overall network performance.

The license utilizes Cisco Software Smart Licensing. See for more info and how to create a Smart Account. With Cisco Software Smart Licensing the license is not bound to a specific serial number of a device but assigned to a user or company account


The licensed security features can be trialed at no cost for 90 days.


 Ordering Information


Product ID


RV Security License


Internet security package:

-Dynamic web filter
-Intrusion Prevention
-Gateway Anti Virus
-Application Visibility
-Client Identification and Statistics


Feature Description:

Web security

Dynamic web filtering: Cloud based, more than 80 categories, more than 450 million domains classified

Enables business efficiency and security while connecting to the Internet, allows Internet access policies for end devices and Internet applications to help ensure performance and security.

Application Visibility

Identify and Assign policies to Internet applications

500 unique Apps automatically identified

Client Identification 

Identify and categorize connected devices and provide detailed statistics on Internet usage

Intrusion Prevention System

IDS/IPS inspects network packets, logs and/or blocks a wide range of network attacks. It delivers increased network availability, faster remediation and comprehensive threat protection. Protocols supported HTTP/FTP/SMTP/POP3/IMAP


Protection from viruses, trojans, spyware and identity theft by inspecting traffic going through the router. Supported: HTTP/FTP/SMTP/POP3/IMAP



The router uses a unique hardware acceleration engine.



Connection Rate

Concurrent Connections

HTTP Throughput

FTP Throughput

IPS & AntiVirus & App ID





Data above with logs turned off.



Cisco Employee

 Another great security improvement in Cisco best-in-class SMB router! Excellent operating performance and functionalities ratio.