Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)

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I want to setup a DNAC cluster, but regarding the required interfaces and ip addresses, I still do not get it completly. Tomas' ip addressing sheet helped a lot - here my summary how I understand it.   1. Cluster Port Some RFC1918 ip addresses that a...

Resolved! DNA CENTER

Hello, gentlemenkindly I need your assist fo my case, which is:I have 3 sites controlled by DNA Center and no IPAM for integration, so I have DHCP,I got a task to create new VOIP pools to the sites using DNA Center, I did it but when I tried to assig...

alhoula by Beginner
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Hi, I'm trying to enable Embedded Wireless feature on a Catalyst 9300 that acts as a colocated Border & Control node. I'm running the last version of DNA Center, IOS-XE version on Catalyst 9300 - 16.12.3sSame version for the Embedded Wireless...

palonso_3 by Beginner
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Resolved! SD-WAN integration

Hi team, does DNA center supports SD-WAN integration and can SD-WAN routers be Border/control nodes for remote branch sites for SDA? I have seen and read integration option in DNA center, but it is called "vedge provisioning ". But i don't sure that ...

In the build process, we initially configured the Guest Wireless settings (Security: Open).Provisioned the Fabric and assigned Wireless SSID's to Address Pools (Provision > Fabric > Fabric Site > Host Onboarding > Wireless SSID's)We conducted testing...