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NDMP Support on MDS 9148

Can someone provide data about the performance and/or support of NDMP traffic on the MDS 9148 switches. Are there limitations, etc?

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Level 5

NDMP is a protocol, your performance will depend on the source filer and your target (tape/VTL). We are no longer running NDMP but when we did (between Celerra NS80, 4G AUX ports on datamovers and Data Domain 880, 4G FC port), i was getting around 150MB/s for 4 concurrent NDMP streams.


Hi Dynamoxxx,

I have an environment with tape drives (have tried with Finisar and Cisco SFPs) connecting into MDS switches (Cisco SFPs). The ports go into 'err-disable' during NDMP transfers.

Any thoughts?

I have seen the other thread where you are working on that issue. In my environment when i see these errors they are always related to physical connectivity components. I typically start out by swapping SFPs on my switch first, then i swap patch cables/patch ports and lastly i ask my vendor (EMC in this case) to give me new SFPs for the filer and for my backup target (Data Domain in my case).


Thanks Dynamoxxx,

I will try cable change! As you can see in my earlier post, I changed the SFPs, albeit on the tape drives only!

I will give you an update on how it goes!