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Nexus 5548UP/FCoE/FC


In my enviroment I have a datacenter with 2 Nexus 5548UP with FCoE Licence. I need some information about the configuration of FCoE.

I explain Better the enviroment:

2 x 5548UP

1 xC7000HP with 4 FEX B22HP installed in the enclosure

2 x MDS 9506

My Storage's colleague told me that we have two SAN (SAN A and SAN B) and we have to create four Virtual San, 2 for SAN A and 2 for SAN B.

I have to configure this 2 5548 Vs the 4 FEX B22HP with FCoE.

1) I have to map each vsan with a Layer 2 FCoE Vlan?

2) How I can distribute the VSans (and the FcoE Vlans) and the Ethernet Vlans from the 4 FEX B22HP Vs the 2 5548 UP? How many Links? Is better to do a Port-Channel or different Port-Channels? Best Practices?

3) In which way we need to configure the Teaming? Active Standby or Active Active?

4) I studied that is possibile to do an ISL Trunk between the MDS and the Nexus...right? Can I Create a port-channel and allow all the vsans?

Thanks in advance!


Prashanth Krishnappa
Cisco Employee

Hello Leonardo

1)You do not need two VSANs per se(two per fabric). Most customers have one VSAN per fabric which gets mapped to


2)It is a better to a port-channel from the Nexus 5548UP to B22HP FEX. This port-channel will also carry the FCoE VLAN

3)vPC from B22 to servers would be the way to go. So it would be active/active channel using LACP or ON mode.

4)You can use port-channels and make it an ISL or use NPV on the Nexus 5500 and NPIV on the MDS.

Following documentation should help you in getting started.

Good luck.


some other info!!!

2) If I have 4 FEX B22HP for each enclosure...I'll to put the same configuration on each Port-Channel that connects the Nexus with the FEX? Is Possibile to allow on the trunk the fcoe vlans and ethernet vlans?

3) We need SAN isolation...I think that I've to use the Single side VPC...with one fabric on a link and the other fabric on the second link.

2)Yes.. FCoE VLAN and data VLANs will be carried on the same port-channel to the B22HP

3)We do not support vPC to the B22HP(A/A FEX). But you can still do vPC to the server blade from the B22HP to the

server and still have SAN isolation.

Another info on question 2...

2) The 4 FEX B22HP are used only for throughput if I configured each trunk with the same configuration?

I do not follow your question.. Can you rephrase it?

I explain better the situation...

with 2 Nexus 5548, 4 FEX B22HP in each C7000 HP and for example two uplinks for each fex (8 uplinks in total Vs each 5548) then...2 SAN (SAN A and SAN B) with 4 Vsans....and 6 Ethernet which way I can configure the connection between B22HP and 5548?

It would be a FEX fabric port-channel. Refer to the B22 deployment guide for details.

Thanks a lot for the answer.

What are the alternatives of Nexus 5548UP and 5596UP?

It must supported FCoE en Fibre Channel.


I think that FCoE Support now is also for N7K, but there is a big big difference from N5K!

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