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QUESTIONS:1.) I would like to find out if enabling NPIV will affect any configuration on the Cisco directors or is it just a extra feature?2.) If Features are not available under licensing, as shown below; will I be able to use NPIV? FC_FEATURES_PKG ...

theo by Beginner
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I have the following setup and have a questions concerning the setup of the VPCs on the 5596 switches. Do the VPC and port channel groups have to be the same on both 5596 switches. For example if the VPC and port channel numbers are  600 on NX 5000-1...

Hello,One of my 5020 port is going disabled due to excessive pause it is receiving.The Cisco switch disables the port and will recover from the error based on the recovery setting and recovery interval. Unfortunately the minimum interval is 30 second...

I have a Cisco 5020 with FEX 2232 cards installed. We have 10Gb connectivity to the R720 servers with Brocade CNA card installed.We have tried to bring the connectivity between these two devices using the Cisco 10Gb cables (SFP-H10GBCU5M), but no luc...

Mikey John by Beginner
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Dear All,I can config below alert on SAN OS 3.x version, but cannot find the way to config on new NXOS.source:MDS9000Switch Priority:7Device Id:DS-C9506@C@FOX104403MPServer Id:DS-C9506@C@FOX104403MPTime of Event:2012-08-15T11:23:05Message Name:SYSLOG...

Looking to understand what port our DCNM server is running on. I'm led to believe its not 8080 or 80 which are the defaults. Is there a way of me seeing what port it is using inorder for me to point a browser to it ?Thanks