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Ciscp 2960G Factory reset


I have a Cisco Catalyst 2960G-24TC-L Switch with i did a reset of by holding down the mode button until it reboored itself

After it rebooted i cant access the router anymore, i get "access denied" from both the HTTP interface aswell as when im trying to SSH, why is this ?

How i reset it >

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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

is the config still on it ? when you console in do you get your username or just cisco default

Maybe first time im trying to reset it and i belive of what i have read i cant reset it with the button while it's there?

This is the first time im trying to use the console as im learning about this stuff so what i have done is that i put the switch next to my PC now, i put a network cable from the Console Port on the Switch to my network port on my PC. I opened Pytty and tried to use serial to get into the switch but when i have choosen Serial on COM1 i only get a black putty windows. Hitting entern work make anything appear, why ?

You need a Cisco serial cable connect it to the console port on the switch and connect that to your pc

Check you device manager in your pc com ports see which 1 is active when the cable is connected

check this

Ah i set... Is the Serial cable RJ45 / Pin only(as in the image) so that i will need an adapter or are there rj45 / rj45 serial cables?

you can connect it direct to desktop pc but for laptop you will need an adapter usually

Hi again!


I managed to get into the switch trough the console port.

i tried "flash_init" or "del flash:config.text" but i get "unknown command or computer name" domain server

How do i reset the switch to factory default ?

you can either wipe the contents of flash using delete flash:(file name) , make sure to leave the image so switch has something to boot up or follow the guide below while your consoled in

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