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IP phones on Cisco small buisness switches

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My daughter is going to switch to IP phones, Polycom VVX 250 at her small business.  She has a SG500x-24 switch and a SG300-28 switch.  I am trying to figure out Smartport and Telephony OUI.  How do I know which one to use and what are the advantages of each?  Can you please help?  The SG500x-24 is running in L3 mode if that makes a difference.   


I am thinking with Telephony OUI I must create a VLAN where Smartport creates a VLAN automatically.  If I use Telephony OUI and create a VLAN do I assign a network to the VLAN since I am using the switch in L3 mode and all VLANs currently have networks assigned to them?



If I add IP phones to the second switch how do I maintain Telephony OUI across switches and still have priority for IP phones?  Do I use a trunk port and define the same Voice VLAN on both switches?

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