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SG 300 - Connection closed by server: Server reached maximum number of simultaneous connections

Hello everyone. My company has a SG 300 here and we have access to it through console port but when we try to access through SSH we came across this information: "Connection closed by server: Server reached maximum number of simultaneous connections". Someone already had this problem? If anyone can help I will be really grateful. Thanks!

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Brandon Svec
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Rising star

I would do show users via your console connection so you can see if/who is connected and maybe determine why this is happening.

I would also check if you are running the most recent firmware. show version


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I had this issue recently and as the above poster stated see how many users are logged in.  It turned out it was a management tool we were using that was continually logging in (which is fine), but not logging out cleanly...the vendor corrected his code.  I did however add this line to the config to have the switch kick any user that was idle for more than 5 mins (ssh)



Line ssh

Exec-timeout 5


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