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SG500 stack resetting

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Level 1

Happy New Year to everyone.

I have a serious problem, which started to happen on 01/01/2022.

I have 5 sg500-52 switches stacked, every day at around 11pm and 1am, units 2, 4 and 5 lose connection to Master, where unit 2 becomes master of 4 and 5.


By the Stack settings, 4 and 5 are configured as slave and Unit ID After Reset as 4 and 5 respectively.


In case 2, it is as backup and Unit ID After Reset as Auto.


In the Master Log, it appears that it lost connection only with 4 and 5, without communicating anything about 2. There are no power spikes or outages.


The 2, looks like it has reset, it changes the stack ports (from S1-S2 to S3-S4), back to and so on.

When accessing it and changing the stack ports to S1-S2 again, everything works normal again.


What could be happening?

Sorry if there's lack of information or if I made silly questions, but they fired the old analyst who took care of everything and they dropped this bomb in my lap and I need to sort it out.



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 - Use and or configure a (central) syslog server on all involved devices, then follow-up  all messages on  the syslog-collector (the syslog-server) when this happens, check if a problem-pattern can be determined.



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There are a couple of suggestions :


1. check any latest firmware upgrade and test it.

2. replace the device stack cable with a new one and test it.


If you have support contract raise an TAC case with SMB Tac case.





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