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Why am I getting Unrecognized Command when I run "ip routing" on SG300?

Please direct me to a thread that may have answered this and my apologies if I did not search hard enough.


I have an SG300-10 and whether in Switch L2 or Router L3 mode (ie set system mode router) I get Unrecognized Command when I run ip router.


I do this because I am trying to enable inter VLAN communications; I can do all the necessary steps up until when I need to run ip routing then I always get this error,


I truly appreciate any help.



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The SG300 doesn't run IOS, so while its configuration commands may be similar in many ways, it is quite different in others.

Setting the SG300 to L3 mode requires the "set system mode router" command to be issued at the privileged command prompt. It isn't done in configuration mode.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for the prompt response, so in short, setting "set system mode router" is equivalent to an IOS device where we can do an "ip routing" and see it saved into the running-config file?

Thanks very much and one more last thing please. Can you point me to a thread or discussion that shows the steps to have the switch connected to a regular home wifi router for internet access provided for 2 separated vlans?

Many thanks in advance

The SG300 doesnt keep its operating mode in the configuration, but when operating in L3 mode runs in a similar fashion to a Catalyst switch with "ip routing" enabled.

As for how to configure it with a small business router, there are a number of ways to go about it depending on how you want your network to operate.

If you want to provide some details, we can pursue this, but I recommend you post it as a separate question with a more applicable subject in order to get as many people looking at it as possible.

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