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16.9.3 Beta Release for Catalyst Switches

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Enterprise Switching Business Unit is happy to announce Beta release 16.9.3 for all Catalyst platforms 9500/9400/9300/9200/3850/3650. This beta release is made available to allow users to test, evaluate and share feedback before General Availability (GA). We encourage customers and internal users to test the Beta code and share the feedback as soon as possible. 


Obtaining Pre-Release Software 

Please fill-up a simple request access form 


The pre-release software will be made available on the week of January 14th, email notification with links will be sent soon as the image is available for download. The software is intended for lab test environments only and not recommended for Production use. 

What’s New in 16.9.3?

16.9.3 is a Maintenance Release code common for all Catalyst 3k and 9k platforms, brings in several fixes and improvements.  Some of the notable improvements include. 


  • Support for ISSU upgrade with SVL
  • Improved handling of SVL control Traffic.
  • Additional fixes for issues around Switchover in SVL mode.


  • Improvements for TLS based authentication.
  • Cisco TrustSec enhancements for Policy downloads (CoA, PACs)
  • RADIUS authentication. Improvements. 


  • Hardware stability and improvements---SFPs.
  • Better Memory management.
  • Support for NPE images.
  • Multicast scale related improvements, fixes for Multicast Scaling and Resource Leak 


  • Several SNMP enhancements and fixes.

Providing Feedback, Submitting Issues or have questions:

Please submit initial feedback via Feedback form provided below or email us @  to help us track the feedback or questions.



Non-Disclosure Agreement: 

This software and accompanied documentation is being provided to you under the non-disclosure agreement between you, your organization and Cisco. Please do not discuss this project and its features outside of the Beta related mailing lists


16.9.3 Beta Release Resolved Caveats


DDTS Headline
CSCvm74245 Failing Dot1.x because of missing ID field
CSCvn38590 CTS policies download fails with Missing/Incomplete ACEs error
CSCvi72094 Traceback @ cpp_vbuginf_flags_error while clearing interface
CSCvj77688 Shimming have some issue over selecting idb
CSCvm39894 False authorizations and authentications even without radius server for dot1x/mab
CSCvm59996 Invoking console-relay registry to resolve standby authorization failure issue @ C3850 stack
CSCvm76483 cdp is disabled after the switchover
CSCvm92998 IOSd crash in CTS COA
CSCvn13735 Failure to detect the  back to back CoA requests, leading to policy deletion.
CSCvn60882 CVR-QSFP-SFP10G V02 May get un-recognised or goes to error disabled state upon installation
CSCvk48653 3650 "show macsec interface" hang and intermittent traffic loss.
CSCvm65963 Crestron Gateway not linking up with BCM84888E PHY
CSCvn19790 OCX CARD APS: SLOS alarm stuck in Ios after several RX cable pulls
CSCvn46925 IPv6 multicast packet ff02::1:2 /DHCPv6 solicitation with L2 flooding impacts BFD/ISIS control pkts
CSCvn60419 SDA:ICMPv6 neighbor Advertisement loop with L2 flooding feature enabled
CSCvj73828 output drops counter mismatch after applied "qos queue-softmax-multiplier 1200"
CSCvm36333 MAC address programming issue
CSCvm87027 3850 REP fail after device rebooted
CSCvm89005 Packets looped internally during VXLAN decap in SD-Access environment
CSCvn08672 DHCP packets cause unknown protocol drops on 16.6.x
CSCvn08705 C9300/Data Plane stuck|QOS policy install fails in hardware if unsupported performance-mon is used
CSCvn09907 ACL not logging with log-input configuration
CSCvn23706 no mac address-table notification mac-move can't be saved after reload device
CSCvn31477 Layer 2 SSM Multicast traffic hitting the CPU when SVI is configured with PIM Spare Mode
CSCvn36398 WCCP Access-list might not be removed from interface after a WCCP loss of service
CSCvn36494 WCCP redirection to proxy server breaks in certain scenarios.
CSCvn36900 Aging times is stuck after configuration of Authentication and Port-security config
CSCvn46517 some sgacl were not installed after update a Cell in ISE
CSCvn57570 Switch cat9300 has crashed itself at nfem_search_netflow_table
CSCvn30333    random switches being removed when running sustained snake test traffic through switches
CSCvm63651 Memory leak due to authentication mac-move permit
CSCvn57771 3850 sending hostname as NAS-ID
CSCvn25663 Dot1x authentication failing in Cat3650 Edges
CSCvn99610  'speed nonegotiate' config disappears after reload - C9400-LC-24S
CSCvn97400  Potential memleak with crimson_tam_boot_integrity_init in 6.9.2 in IOS
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