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Internal Vlans in N7K

I did a 'show internal vlan usage' on a N7K and this is what I got. SW1# show vlan internal usage VLANs                   DESCRIPTION-------------------     -----------------3968-4031               Multicast 4032-4035,4048-4059     Online Diagnostic ...

4G LTE Failover Configuration

Ok so we're putting up a small branch and wanted to install 4G LTE failover.  I have a single 4451 wanting dual ISP links. At our other small branches we've just had another router doing DMVPN with EIGRP.  We want to do DMVPN with EIGRP over the 4G t...

T_tow by Beginner
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Bizzare ghost mac / looped IP phone

Setup: 2960x-48fpd-l used as access switches, strictly L2. Ports have data and voice vlan configured, mab, portfast, bpduguard enable, error recovery 300s   Occasionally a user will connect both the network and pc port of the phone to drops. This lea...

Y C by Beginner
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Output Queue Drops - Interface Shutdown

We were having some issues with massive amounts of dropped packets showing in the OQD column of the "show int summary" command output.  The interface was part of a port-channel, along with another port, but only this interface was showing these drops...

Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG

Resolved! Wifi spanning multiple floors

I am looking to span my wifi across multiple floors, so that users do not lose connectivity as they move around the bldg. Layer 3 in nexus, layer 2 is meraki. I have close to 1000 devices I need to support on this. I do have multiple /23's at my disp...

jgoalie13 by Beginner
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Resolved! Port pair

Hi all,   can anyone explain for what is used a Port pair? I found this function in our CISCO DCM GBE Card. Manual says that port pair means 2 physical interfaces working as one virtual. Ok but how it is workig?   What if i have 2 gbe ports in port p...

Map Network

Hi all, for a project I have to go to various locations of a company to make a mapping of the network. I wonder, based on your experience, if there software that scans the network, and maps all the different devices, with ip, machine name, type of d...

Unable to ping Nexus 3548X

So I have the Nexus 3548X directly connected to a Cisco 4431 router. G1/1 on Nexus is Trunked and UP/UP Has Vlan 20 SVI /24 is UP/UP   Connecting port g0/0 on Router is UP/UP with following subs. G0/0 ...

Erspan in Nexus 9K??

We own a 6500 series chasis which I usually run a packet capture on in order to see what traffic goes through certain interfaces.   ex. monitor session 1 type capture   source int port-channel xxx both   mon cap start/stop   then show moni etc etc   ...

wrainwater by Beginner
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