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1841 router IOS problem

I need help getting the IOS on a compact flash that somehow got erased so now I have to use the second 1841 in my lab to boot up the IOS on the first one. I also have IOS 15.4 that I want to put on both routers. I know I am supposed to be able to tftp the IOS from my laptop to the compact flash of the routers but I need help setting it all up correctly. I have several tftp servers I downloaded free including pumpkin and jounin tftp servers. I just need some direction. I have tried looking for articles and docs to read in order to configure both the routers and the tftp server with the proper configuration in order to transfer the new IOS file from my laptop to my router. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You can just copy the image

You can just copy the image to the FAT32 formatted CF-Card. But be aware that there is no 15.4 image for the old ISR. 15.1 is the newest you can get.

And if I remember right, only CF-cards up to 1GB will work.

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And if I remember right, only

And if I remember right, only CF-cards up to 1GB will work.

All my 2800 routers are loaded with 2 Gb CF.  


There have been some people who were able to successfully use 4 Gb and 8 Gb CF just fine.  


Alternatively, you can use the USB ports to boot the IOS.  Of course, you have to make sure the bootstrap of your router has been upgraded to the latest bootstrap code/version.

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Yes, my 2800 is also running

Yes, my 2800 is also running with a 2Gig card. But on the 1800 routers I think I never got that to work.

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