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2.1.2 Packet Tracer - Create a Simple Network Says Incomplete

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Hi I have completed all the steps but, when it says it's only 75% complete. It is saying the the subnet mask for the PC is not complete but the laptop is. I'm not sure what is is asking for because the steps do not tell me to do anything with the subnet mask. Both computers are set to DHCP and connected to the internet.

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post the zipped Packet Tracer project (.pkt) file...

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Has anyone found a solution to this issue yet? This is the only thing stopping me from progressing.



what is the issue ? Do you have a Packet Tracer project (.pkt) file that you can post ?

This is a problem with a (.pka) file.  There is not (.pkt) file to post.  The OP was very specific about the problem and included all of the relevant screenshots.  I am having the exact same problem.  It seems like you are not knowledgeable about the Cisco Skills for All .pka modules.  This is in regards to 2.1.2 Packet Tracer - Create a Simple Network and the accompanying .pka file.  I've included a .zip of the .pka file in question.  Try completing it yourself and see what your results are then comment back here.





I have created a simple PKA file that just checks for the IP address and subnet mask of the PC and the laptop. You can access the Activity Wizard yourself (password is 'password') and check the answer tree.


The task completes with a perfect score (all 4 items tested check out). Which leads to the conclusion that your PKA answer tree is configured wrong, that is a mistake by the person who configured the answer tree.


Make sure you are running Packet Tracer version 8.1.1 in order to be able to open the file.


Actually, why don't you simply recreate the entire activity file ? You can then check if, with the right answer tree, the problem persists.

By the way, and I don't know if they are going to look at this at all, there are two wireless routers in the wireless device icon tray, the one on the left is the one you need, since that has the GigabitEthernet1 interface (as required in the task description)...

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Having the same issue. Click on check results and it says that the Subnet mask for the PC is incorrect but I've set the PC to DHCP so it should configure it automatically? 



Completion is at 75%
The assessment shows the Subnet Mask for the PC as incorrect (Red X).
The Subnet Mask ( assigned by DHCP is correct.
The assessment is set to check for an incorrect subnet Mask of on the PC.
To compensate for the assessment's error:
Click on PC > Desktop tab > IP Configuration > Static
IPv4 Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server:
Completion is now at 100%

The activity is now complete and you should be able to continue on with the course.

Remember to mark helpful posts and mark the correct answer as a solution; It helps other users with similar questions.

Perfect, thank you!

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Hi everyone,

Can you check my configuration, please? The Subnet Mask is Incorrect.

Thank you.


Done. Changed PC config manual to Subnet Mask =

Another problem: "Getting Started with Cisco Packet Tracer" is still "In-Progress" despite everything being done.

Does someone have any suggestions to resolve it?



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