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2950 Switch blocking TFTP


I have a small network with the following:

1x Netgear 48 port Switch

1x Cisco 2950 24 port Switch

These two are connected through an uplink port on the Netgear switch.

One have one Windows server running TFTP Server and other software. My devices (custom hardware) are connected to both cisco and netgear switches. I can send SNMP commands to these devices and they can download firmware upgrades from the TFTP server. What I am having issues with is that all of my devices connected to netgear can download fine but the ones connected to cisco switch cannot download. Unfortunately, I do not have any insight into the devices to see if they are getting any error or timeout etc. The only way I can tell is by looking at the logs on the TFTP server. Cisco connected devices simply do not initiate the transfer from TFTP.

Cisco switch was factory reset and the only configuration done to it are password and an ip for vlan 1.

Any ideas what could be causing/blocking my TFTP traffic on the cisco switch?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Re: 2950 Switch blocking TFTP

There shouldn't be anything on a switch that would block any transmissions.  Can you ping the server?  Did you try moving one of the failing devices to the netgear to confirm that it works from there?  What is the address and subnet mask of the server?  What is the IP address and subnet mask of both a working and not working device?


Re: 2950 Switch blocking TFTP

Thank you for your reply.

All devices are functional on both switches as they send a heartbeat and other communication to the server all the time. And yes, if I move the device from Cisco to netgear they can download from the TFTP.

Network is using 10.x schema with class B mask. Also, all of these devices are on DHCP and they are getting IP address from the server.

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