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2960XR routing Performance Figures

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We are looking at putting together a solution using dual stacked 2960XR switches, which are linked to the core. The 2960XR will be running OSPF for routed access and we have been asked to provide some figures for the performance of the switch when routing, e.g.

Packet processing and packet forwarding rates.


Maximum and minimum delays for packet transition through the device.


Are we correct to state that the routing is carried in ASICS and therefore it is at wire speed, where does CEF come into it?

Many thanks for any guidance you can provide.



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Level 7

It's worth a read of the data sheets, as it gives a lot of useful information:

Forwarding rates are in the data sheet but they vary per model and are based on 64-Byte packet sizes.

Answering those questions is going to be difficult because as always, 'it depends' is the answer.

Certain types of latency are fixed based on the interface type and speed but other latency varies on the utilisation of the switch for example. 

What type of hosts are going to be connected to these switches?

Just end user hosts or are they going to be used as Data Centre switches?


Thanks for the reply.


The 2960XR are connecting to the backbone, which uses OSPF and also down to the 2960X access layer switches. The devices will be WAPs and end user hosts.

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I haven't reviewed all the 2960XR performance information, but it's very likely L3 is provided similar performance as L2, which should be wire speed (up to the capacity limits of the device).

CEF might be used the source of truth to program the ASICs and it also should be used if any routed packet is processed switched.

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