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3750-48PS with WAP200E

Todd Vohs

I acquired a 3750 48-port with PoE.  It is replacing a 24-port SG300-28P (I ran out of ports).  Devices that are receiving power from the switch are:

2 x Cisco SPA525G2

3 x Cisco SPA501G

2 x Cisco VC240 IP Cameras

1 x iQInvision 32M IP Camera

1 x WAP200

1 x WAP200E

When I plug the WAP200E into the 3750, I get the error:

"Controller port error, Interface Fa1/0/XX: Power Controller reports power Tstart error detected"

I get the error on the WAP200E, ONLY.  All other devices power on and function just fine.  WAP200E specs state that it should only draw 8.5 watts.  When I 'sh power inline', I am only using 74 of the 370 watts available.  I have tried other ports on the switch with the same results.  I don't have the space to put the SG300 back in service but will test if and see if it powers on yet on the SG300.

When I plug in the WAP200E, I get the "lmax/tstart" error.  After doing some research on the web, supposedly IOS 12.2.55 SE3 or 12.2.58 SE1 will get rid of the error.  The switch is currently running 12.2.55 SE5.  I have not found these versions to download, only 12.2.55 SE1 or SE6.  Will SE1 or SE6 get rid of the "lmax/tstart" error?

I see if I had a 3750X, I could issue the interface command 'power inline 2x' and get rid of the error but I am only a 3750-48PS-S.



Thanks, Todd Vohs Owner Holstein Ag Services, LLC

Todd Vohs

Tested on the SG300 today and it works fine. I need the WAP200E, it is in my non-insulated, un-heated warehouse and today it was only 15 degrees F. Any ideas why this doesn't work on a 3750? It has now gone to 'Faulty' when I issue 'sh power inline'.

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Thanks, Todd Vohs Owner Holstein Ag Services, LLC
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