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3750ME QoS Configuration Check.


I would to confirm to apply the shape on ES port in C3750 ME.

first of all, the configuration like below, It's just so simple.

policy-map ES1
class class-default
shape average 500000000

interfaces gi1/1/1
service-policy output ES1

first, I don't define the class-map, I just use a default class-map , any traffic bypass the link gi 1/1/1

and then I would like shape the output bandwidth 500M.

Is the configuration working well?, I have not the C3750 ME, So I cound't check the configuration whatever good or not good.

the device is in the my customer site, I will apply the config on up coming sunday in my customer site.

I must success just one time.

or not

If you suggest the other configration for me regarding above condition, please propose the configuration for me

as srr-queue?...

My idea is just to limit the bandwidth traffic to 500M, on any traffic using Cisco ME3750 Switch.

Any thought? Thanks in advance.


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Re: 3750ME QoS Configuration Check.

Hello Syeon,

output shaping looks like not supported even in ES ports see

your only  option to approximate would be to use SRR in shaped mode.

But when we look at commands for SRR shaped mode it says:

srr-queue bandwidth shape weight1 weight2 weight3 weight4

Assign SRR weights to the egress queues. This command is not supported on an ES port.

So I'm afraid that it is not  possible to achieve this traffic limitation in this way.

probably you can only police outbound on an ES port

Output policing is supported only on ES ports or EtherChannels made of ES ports (Cisco IOS Release 12.2(35)SE or later). Policing is supported in nonhierarchical and up to three-level hierarchical output policy maps. Policing in up to three-level hierarchical policies is described in the

Hope to help



Re: 3750ME QoS Configuration Check.

Does the 3750ME support the auto QoS feature?

If so you should use it. It's actually quite excellent.

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Re: 3750ME QoS Configuration Check.

Hello Brent,

autoQoS provides good configurations for ports where we connect ip phones for example and so on.

The specific need of original poster (limiting to 500 Mbps on uplink)  should require a manual configuration.

to be noted that is possible and recommended to perform tuning after having used autoQoS

Hope to help



Re: 3750ME QoS Configuration Check.

Sorry I guess I have another question then ..

3750 are just layer 3 switches right? If there is a need to shape the traffic going up won't he need a router? I thought L3 switches had QoS limitations that wouldn't allow that.

Sorry if I have missunderstood.

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