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3850 fails software install while in stack.

I have a stack of n switches, the master is on my preferred version of code 3.6.5, one of the other switches in the stack is on 3.6.6 (shipped from factory).

Switch Ports Model SW Version SW Image Mode
------ ----- ----- ---------- ---------- ----
* 1 56 WS-C3850-48U 03.06.05E cat3k_caa-universalk9 INSTALL
2 56 WS-C3850-48U 03.06.05E cat3k_caa-universalk9 INSTALL
3 56 WS-C3850-48U 03.06.06E cat3k_caa-universalk9 INSTALL

I'm trying to use the software install functionality to downgrade the odd switch out to the same version of code as the master:

software install file flash:/cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.05.E.152-2.E5.bin switch 3

but I get the following error during the the install:

Preparing install operation ...
[1]: Copying software from active switch 1 to switch 3
[1]: Finished copying software to switch 3
[3]: Starting install operation
[3]: Expanding bundle flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.05.E.152-2.E5.bin
[3]: Copying package files
[3]: Package files copied
[3]: Finished expanding bundle flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.05.E.152-2.E5.bin
[3]: Verifying and copying expanded package files to flash:
[3]: Verified and copied expanded package files to flash:
[3]: Starting compatibility checks
[3]: Bypassing peer package compatibility checks due to 'force' command option
[3]: Finished compatibility checks
[3]: Starting application pre-installation processing
[1]: % The Wireless Controller Module application on switch 1 reported the following error while
processing the wcm package on switch 3. Operation aborted.

Memory on device not being enough for preImage download

[3]: % An internal error was encountered. Operation aborted.

It should be noted also, that if I use the software auto-upgrade enable command that the switch believes 3.6.6 to be compatible with 3.6.5 and doesn't try to modify the new switch that is added to the stack.

Note also, I'm not using wireless in the switch itself, nor do I have licenses installed.

Any ideas on how to do this, short of removing the switch from the stack and downgrading this manually?

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The one running 3.6.6 - is it

The one running 3.6.6 - is it the same as the other models?  Some of the newer models (especially the MGIG models) need a particular code version (or newer) to run so wont downgrade.

Mind you, I would have thought that 3.6.6 would have been a good safe option.

Perhaps try taking it out of the stack and downgrading it as a standalone switch, and then putting it back in the stack.


This isn't an MGIG, just a

This isn't an MGIG, just a standard 48 port 3850 (WS-C3850-48U) and is the same as the others in the stack (as noted above in the output from the switch).

I understand I can remove the switch from the stack and downgrade it, but am curious if anyone has been able to use the software install command to do this (remotely).


Anything under 3.7.3 will (almost) brick an MGIG being added to the stack, but this is a different situation.


I have had similar issues

I have had similar issues upgrading or downgrading a stack of 3850's running different versions of IOS-XE .  When I have this issue I find that if I separate the switch(s) that need upgraded/downgraded from the stack and then upgrade/downgrade them, it seems to work.  For this reason I have gotten in the habit of upgrading/downgrading a 3850, before I add it to the stack.

In your case, I would recommend separating the 3.6.6 switch from the stack and attempt to downgrade it on its own to the 3.6.5 or preferably upgrade the other 2 to 3.6.6 (unless you have a reason to stay on 3.6.5)... then put the switch back in the stack.


Re: I have had similar issues

Today I face the same problem. We added a Switch to a stack.

Switch Ports Model              SW Version        SW Image              Mode
------ ----- -----              ----------        ----------            ----
*    1 34    WS-C3850-24XS      03.07.05E         cat3k_caa-universalk9 INSTALL
     2 34    WS-C3850-24XS      03.07.04E         cat3k_caa-universalk9 INSTALL

"software auto-upgrade" says "not needed", but I want them to be the same.
Reboot of the complete stack doesn't help.

So I made a bold move (Stack not in production).

The pkg files were already copied to the "stby-flash:", so I only copied the "packages.conf"

After reboot of the whole stack, a microcode update takes place on the 2. Switch, but then it booted fine. But be careful. Do it on your own risk!


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