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6513 Upgrade - IOS & FPD Question

I am about to perform a 6513 IOS upgrade.

I have loaded and verified (MD5 checksum) on new IOS images on disk1: and slavedisk1: on the respective SUP720-3B (Active and Hot) cards. Currently cards are in proper SSO redundancy mode. Got all of the procedures down and will be modifying the bootvar statements and force failover via "hw-module reset" to upgrade the HOT first, then swapping cards by doing the proper "redundancy force-switchover" on the ACTIVE.

I was going to upgrade my IOS to the 12.2(18)SXF16 chain from SXF4 and found a compatible FPD package in 12.2(18)SXF16.


1. Does anyone see any problem with my procdures about reset & failover to upgrade the IOS image on the unit?

2. Will I still need to power the unit off for any reason entirely through this upgrade process?

3. Where is the recommended location to place the package considering the multitude of flash and drive locations and do I need specify any location for the FPD package? Isn't "upgrade fpd auto" set on by default?

(I was going to place the FPD .pkg in bootflash, but please advise)

#sh file systems

File Systems:

Size(b) Free(b) Type Flags Prefixes

- - opaque rw system:

- - opaque ro flexwan-fpd:

* 255938560 160428032 disk rw disk0:

255885312 206864384 disk rw disk1:

65536000 34875112 flash rw sup-bootflash:

77741070 0 opaque ro sup-microcode:

0 731750392 opaque wo sup-image:

129004 124968 nvram rw const_nvram:

1964024 1899765 nvram rw nvram:

- - opaque rw null:

- - opaque ro tar:

- - network rw tftp:

- - opaque wo syslog:

65536000 62691612 flash rw bootflash:

- - network rw rcp:

- - network rw ftp:

- - network rw scp:

- - opaque ro cns:

15990784 15990784 flash rw dfc#9-bootflash:

15990784 15990784 flash rw dfc#10-bootflash:

1964024 1899765 nvram rw slavenvram:

129004 124968 nvram rw slaveconst_nvram:

255954944 160444416 disk rw slavedisk0:

255885312 174989312 disk rw slavedisk1:

65536000 34875112 flash rw slavesup-bootflash:

65536000 62691612 flash rw slavebootflash:

- - nvram rw slavercsf:

- - opaque rw slavesystem:

128159744 128159744 flash rw cwan1/1-disk0:

128159744 128159744 flash rw cwan1/0-disk0:


Frequent Contributor

Here is the procedure to upgrade the software image on the Cisco Catalyst switch Layer 3 (L3) modules.


Yep, I had the procedure, but what I actually wanted was first hand experience, not just a printout. My upgrades went perfectly smooth. Loaded the new IOS on disk1: with a new boot system flash command on each 6513, then placed the FPD image on sup-bootdisk.

Had 1 error on ability to provide redundancy on 8-port T1 card on one of my FlexWan adapters, other than that smooth as glass.

Come to find out, the selections for file storage were perfect and I didn't have to specify the FPD location path.

Sometimes prinouts are good, but actually experience is always better. BTW the ciscowiki version of this upgrade is much better written.


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