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867w Wireless configuration


I have just got myself a nice shiny new 867w and i am having a lot of trouble getting the integrated AP working and I can't find a working sample config to work from.

To get going I simply want one vlan(1) on the router with all the switch ports on it.  i then want the radio bridged to the vlan for access to the network.  This is where I am falling down. 

Can someone help with either a working config or where to find one please so i can pull it apart to figure out where i am going wrong?


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Have a look at the below config doc

Hi Andrew and thanks for the reply.  unfortunately this applies to the 850 and 870 series which i can do no problems.  The 860 880 seriers are completely different as you have to configure the integrated AP individually using the below command to initiate the AP configuration session.  the AP then has it's own loaded IOS to configure.

service-module wlan-ap 0 session

Currently I have

  • the BVI1 in AP config set to dhcp client (the default)
  • In the Router config I have the wlan-ap0 set to ip innumbered vlan1
  • and the vlan1 set to,
  • and the wlan-gigabitEthernet0 set to no ip.

maybe i need to set the AP_BVI1 to an IP, (say and set a default route in AP mode to  Would that work?

Thanks anyway.

Thanks Reza but i have read that one front to back also.  it still doesn't tell me how to simply bridge the wireless AP to the routers VLAN.  In essence, that's all I want to do.


Thanks again andrew.

I am not trying to be difficult here but that is a different issue again you have referenced.  That merely applies to bridging between 802.1q VLANs.  Again i can do that but don't need to for this.

What I need to be able to do is to bridge between the AP's BVI1 and the router's VLAN1 in the 867w.  That's the bit that has me stumped.

Hi Rossco,

If I understand it correctly you are trying to put the Wireless interface and the Ethernet interface (vlan 1) in the same subnet.  If that is the case, does BVI work for you?  Basically you are putting two interfaces in the same subnet by creating a bridge virtual interface.  You assign an IP to the bvi and no IP to the other 2 interfaces.

Have a look at this doc.



Thanks Reza,

This is proving a lot more difficult to explain than I thought.  In essence,  I would like to configure the 867w as I used to configure a 877w.  I realise that there is tremendous benifits in having a full AP in the 867w router.  i want these features and that is all good.

What I don't know how to do, and can't find a sample config for, is to simply configure the 867w so the wireless is bridged to the router.  No additional VLANing no other bells and whistles.  when I have that achieved i will venture into more elaborate configurations but at this point i just want the thing to work as a basic wireless router and understand that process.

So what I am going to try next is as per my previous post is, I will assign an IP to the AP's BVI1 interface on the same subnet as the Router's VLAN1.  I figure it will then need a default route for the AP so that it know where to send traffic.  I was just hoping someoine could confirm that before I tried it.  if that doesn't work, i am a bit lost.

Just an UpDate...

As per my previous post I have gone with my gut feeling and put an IP address on the same subnet as the Router's VLAN1 on BVI1 in the AP configuration and put ip default-gateway in there also,  and this seems to be working.  i will play around with different wireless VLAN and SSID configs on the AP configuration now to try to understand it a bit better as there seems to be no documentation for sample configs anywhere for this router.

So in summary for anyone else with the issue...

On Router

  • VLAN1 - ip address
  • wlan-ap0 - ip unnumbered vlan1
  • wlan-GigabitEthernet0 - no ip address


  • BVI1 - ip address on same subnet as Router's VLAN1
  • Dot11radio 0 - no ip address, Bridged
  • GigiabitEthernet0 - no ip address, bridged
  • ip default-gateway


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