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891W: Configuring NTP for both router and embedded AP?

Hi all.  I've configured the main router as an NTP client to an external pool of NTP servers and have also entered ntp update-calendar so the hardware clock also syncs to NTP basically, but am wondering do I also need to do any NTP commands on the embedded AP too or does the AP take time from the main router?  If so, what source? (clock, calendar, or other?). 

Also I'm a bit new to NTP config (just figured it out an hour ago) in the IOS.  I'm wondering, after configuring it, the time is right and reflects my time zone.  How does it know?  Does the NTP server out on the Internet reognize my location by IP or something and sends me UTC offset data?  Otherwise I don't see how my router could know which time zone it is in since I've never set that. 


Update:  Definitely the AP does not get time from the main router, as my AP's time is somewhere in 1993.  It seems the only IOS options (version 15.2) to set for time are #clock set hh:mm:ss . Then in conf t there is a couple of settings for daylight savings and time zone.  But this won't prevent clock drift so I guess I'll just need to set the AP to also talk to NTP servers out on the Internet, seperately from the main router.  I'm trying to think of the IOS firewall implications.....I thinmk I have ip address unnumbered vlan1 set for the AP wlan-ap0 interface, so I suppose any zone firewall settings that apply to the router zone self would also work for the AP.  Ugh, well I guess I'll just give it a whirl.