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I've recently upgraded one of our WS-C2960-48PST-L switches to IOS c2960-lanbasek9-mz.150-2.SE4.bin and 'm seeing an "InsufficientFreeMemory" alert on MEM [Processor] module of the device, raised by LMSshow processes memory does suggest a potential p...

Hi, End user has a new 3925 router with c3900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-2.T1.bin. Today the router boot itself and the following reason is shown.Router#sh verCisco IOS Software, C3900 Software (C3900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(2)T1, RELEASE SOFTWARE ...

Scenario is :vlan 210 must not access vlan 250vlan 210 can access other vlans - 200, 914 and vlan 68i tried to permit the addresses of the 3 vlan - 200,914 and 68 on vlan 210 filter, but what happened is it cant also access the 3 other vlan eventhoug...

hi all,i have 2960 and i enabled jumbo frames but after that my openfiler 2xnic won't bundle anymore with lacp, status will be (I) or stand alone.interface GigabitEthernet0/1 description opefiler1 switchport access vlan 181 switchport mode access swi...

All,We ran into an interesting situation the other day with STP, and wanted to get some thoughts from the community.While prepping for a maintenance, we noticed inbound traffic on an STP forwarding link from our dist layer, but this link was in the b...

james21970 by Beginner
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hey guys, I need a 8 port switch that is going to act as a relay switch.requirement- 8 gig ports, sfp (using multi-mode fiber)- can do etherchannel- QoS- managed- super reliable (if this switch fails, there goes 2 of my site)any recommendation?

Im so close to connecting to the internet, the CD light is solid, the data light is flashing and the router has received an ip from the ISP. I believe I havent configured the NAT correctly so any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is the runnin...

estabueno by Beginner
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hello, I have a client who has 3 data centers and wants to connect them and maintain L2 adjacency across them. I know I can do this with ASRs and EoMPLS or VPLS....which Cisco router/switch platforms support EoMPLS and VPLS? I know I can use N7K OTV,...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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    I inherited a flat network.  All switches have default configs and are pretty much used like hubs.  No ip's assigned, trunks or anything.  Trying to figure out the best way to get some management on these switches so I can find out which switch i...

mikepatt3 by Beginner
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