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Accessing WRVS4400N Web Interface on LAN


I have Comcast as my ISP and their Small Business Gateway Router/Firewall. I purchased a WRVS4400N and configured them like this:

Comcast Router/Firewall -

Cisco WRVS4400N -

I turned DHCP off on the Cisco so that wireless devices that connect to it get a 10.1.10 address from the Comcast device. Now, I am completely unable to connect to the web interface of the Cisco, whether connected to it wirelessly or even if I plug directly into one of the LAN ports on it. I have one of the LAN ports on the Cisco connected to one of the LAN ports on the Comcast. What am I missing here? I'm guessing I'm not able to see the 10.1.11 addresses when I am getting a 10.1.10 address from the Comcast, even though I'm connected to the Cisco?

Any help is appreciated.


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Tom Watts

Brian, the WRVS unit needs to be on the same subnet as the Comcast box with your scenario. Assign a 10.1.10.x address to the WRVS and interconnect the same way then it should work.

Statically assign an IP to your computer, 10.1.11.x to be able access the WRVS then make the appropriate changes.

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I tried that first, but I get the Wireless LAN IP is the same as the LAN IP when I change it to And it won't let me save. Ultimately I'm trying to get an IPSEC VPN tunnel setup and I have a static Public from my ISP to give it, but I need my wired and wireless computers to all be able to get out on that tunnel, and vice versa on the other side of the tunnel. This was why I had my Comcast do all the DHCP work.