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Airplay not working - inter VLAN

Hi all,

this is most likely not a Cisco issue, but there's a lot of expertise here, I hope one of you can point me in the right direction. I  also asked this question in the pfsense forums.

Network setup:
ISP - Bridged modem - PfSense - Cisco SG250 switch - Netgear GS108Ev3 switch - Netgear GS105Ev2 switch - Receveiver
The Cisco is also connected with an Unifi AP.

The Cisco has the latest firmware.

IGMP snooping is disabled on all switches.
The receiver and client are in the same VLAN, and I can access the webinterface of the receiver, but the client (iPhone) does not find the reciever through airplay. It used to work before I installed the Cisco and created the VLANs.

Since it's all inter-VLAN and same subnet I assume firewall rules are not relevant to post?

Avahi is enabled in Pfsense, but again, inter VLAN so not relevant?

I also have problems discovering my wireless printer, inter-VLAN.

I could not find anything in the pfsense logs...

I have no idea how to troubleshoot, and would be grateful for any help!

VIP Collaborator



    So you had the same physical/logical architecture (except the Cisco switch in the middle) and it worked, but the moment you plugged in the Cisco switch it stopped working? If so, disabling IGMp snooping could be a option, however better of just configure the Querier function, see here. There is no routing between the client and the receiver, right?



Cristian Matei.


Hi Cristian,


thnx for your reply.


No, I changed my setup extensively. Before I installed the Cisco switch I had the Netgear8P in its place, I had the Netgear5P in place of the 8p and a old Cisco non-managed switch in place of the 5P (I ditched the non-managed switch).

Also I did not have VLANs yet.


In principle all connections between VLANs and inter-VLAN are working, just not (as usual, I've read online) the multicast.


There is a router in between the client and receiver (the PfSense box), but since its inter-VLAN it should not be routing.

Since IGMP snooping is already disabled, the "Querier" is not required, or did I misinterpret your linked document?



when I hardwire my laptop to the Cisco switch then my laptop sees the receiver. So maybe it's an unifi thing, I'll hop over to the neighbours.

(note to self: report back with result)

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