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Any reason why my question isn't being looked at.

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I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I've done something wrong but i posted a question over 3 hours ago and it has onlty been 'viewed' 3 times (all by myself). There have been questions posted since mine with over 40 'views'. Have I posted somewhere or something I shouldn't have? I just find it strange that no one has even looked at my question.

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try posting here

The other option is to open a support ticket so they can help you

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Reza Sharifi
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Hi Craig,

What is your question?

If your question relates to Linksys products, in this forum there are not that many people that are familiar with Linksys products.  I would suggest posting your question to Linksys forum products at



I did initially go to the Linksys site but there didn't seem to be much activitiy on the switch forum The latest post was back in March so I though I'd come here as the the Linksys forum looked like it was no longer in use.

Actually, can you tell me where the Linksys forum is that I would use for the SRW2024. If I go to the Linksys site there is only information on wireless routers and home based products. If I search for the product SRW2024 on the Linksys site it takes me to so can you, please clarify where I go for support on this product?

try posting here

The other option is to open a support ticket so they can help you

But as I said, there has been no activity on this forum for over 6 weeks and it is currently

sittnig in the archive section so I presume it's not being used actively.

Whay has this question been set as "answered"?

call up cisco TAC and open a case with them if you have any technical question post it.


Sorted it myself. The third switch that was added did not have STP enabled. After enabling it all was well with all three switches. Shame about the Cisco support of their own product though (regardless of whether it's a re-badeged Linksys product).

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