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Anything new in Cisco trunk link for 40Gb and 100Gb ports?

Level 1
Level 1

I remember ISL only support speed 1000

even spanning tree cost table are also updated with new values

Anything new protocols and commands in Cisco trunk link and access ports for 40Gb and 100Gb ports?

any speed difference between ISL and dot1q now?

any new things in etherchannel , vpc and vss for 40Gb and 100Gb ports?


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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hall of Fame

Hello @Maivakov ,

ISL trunking protocol should be dead now.  It had a greater overhead 30 bytes instead of 4 bytes of 802.1Q and also we can use multiple 802.1Q VLAN tags in Q in Q tunneling and I am not aware that ISL supported a similar setup.

Hope to help



friend there is restriction on 40G and 100G for each platform there is not general guide to use 40G and 100G for all cisco platform.

NOTE:-ISL is not more support in new cisco SW


why there is restriction on 40G and 100G ?

which model can use 40G ? which model can use 100G ?

does it mean dot1q can utilize 40G and 100G ?

what is the maximum bandwidth of etherchannel having now?

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